TENANT LOCATOR ASSISTANCE: We market the property for you to obtain a quality tenant as quickly as possible including tenant screening, Trans Union credit checks, and background checks through FABCO
TENANT ASSISTANCE: Need help finding a rental?

Many agents avoid the rental market for two reasons, there is tremendous liability involved for very little return and it can be a great deal of effort. Unless an agent’s niche is full scale property management or renting high end homes the rental market is not typically a market that is very lucrative in comparison to sales unless an agent is pulling significant rental volume.  Our many clinets have considered us very sucessful the in handling rentals however the decision to get involved is typically in an attempt to build long term relationship and is generally related to volume of work otherwise available. 
FULL SERVICE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Rental collection and disbursement property maintenance can be provided but currently we are reffering the business to other full time property managers.